Producing More Sperm: Separating Myths From Reality

For the average guy, sperm counts mean one thing: trying to start a family. What if producing more sperm and ejaculate, however, was important to the overall sexual experience a guy has every day?


What if more ejaculate equated to having more explosive, pleasurable orgasms?

The reality is that when a guy maximizes his sperm production, he’s also maximizing the size of his orgasm.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about the process of producing more ejaculate. Let’s take a look at the issue a little more in-depth right now!

Myth: Kegel Exercises Help Guys Produce More Sperm

The reality is that doing Kegel exercises will help you do more with your orgasms, but they won’t actually increase the amount of ejaculate that gets produced. The PC muscles are the ones you can feel when you stop the flow of urine when you’re taking a piss. With strong muscles, you can shoot your ejaculate further, hold off an orgasm longer, and make the entire experience more explosive. You won’t, however, create more boys to shoot.

Myth: Painkillers Have No Effect on Sperm Production

The reality is that you need a healthy liver that is functioning well to maintain the balance of hormones within your body. If you negatively impact your liver functioning, then you’ll actually end up raising the estrogen levels on a long-term basis. Acetaminophen has the highest risk of causing this issue as an OTC.

There are also other common items that may cause liver damage if used in excess:

  • alcohol
  • prescription medications
  • fatty foods

sperm-countMyth: Having Constant Sex Increases Sperm Counts

The reality is that your body needs time to build up ejaculate for a good orgasm. Think about it: the second orgasm you have during the day has much less material, doesn’t it? The orgasm itself is also weaker and shorter than the initial one too, isn’t it? Your body needs a minimum of 24 hours between orgasms to replace ejaculate. You can go up to 48 hours for a maximum sperm count, but going beyond that time frame won’t provide more benefits.

Myth: Eating Too Much Protein Reduces Sperm Counts

The reality is that a healthy diet is required for a guy to really maximize his sperm count and ejaculate production. Diets that focus on fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are the best way for a guy to guarantee better orgasms!

That doesn’t mean you can’t have pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches every now and again. It just means that you shouldn’t be making those foods the focus of your diet. If you do, you could have a dramatic impact on your ejaculate production.

By separating the fact away from the fiction, guys have a better shot at creating a more impressive shot when they have an orgasm. If you’re looking to be more explosive, then utilize this guide to make sure your boys are producing at maximum capacity!

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