Male Enhancement: Myths vs. Reality

There is a lot of disinformation floating around the internet today about what male enhancement can and cannot do. Different websites promote wildly unique concepts about this area of improvement for guys for one simple reason: to sell products.

Male-Enhancement-FactsGuys who are suffering don’t need a sales pitch.

They need real, solid answers so they can develop a plan of action! Let’s look at the common myths of this field and see how the reality stacks up.

Can Guys Get a Bigger Dick?

Reality: Taking a pill isn’t going make a guy’s dick any bigger. There are, however, three reliable methods of getting permanently bigger equipment:

  • Surgery. You can gain up to a couple inches of length and increase width with a variety of different surgical procedures.
  • Stretching. Over the course of several months, wearing an extender can help to grow the length or width of your dick by up to a couple inches.
  • Exercises. Though less reliable than the other two methods, guys have noticed an increase in length and girth with exercises like jelqing.

Here’s the bottom line: the average growth seen is about 1 inch. Some guys get double that or a little more. 5 inches just isn’t going to happen, especially with just a pill.

Male Enhancement Happens Instantly

Reality: Some guys do experience a very rapid increase in their sexual drive, desire, and stamina when they begin taking a product. For other guys, it could take up to 8 weeks for a product to begin working. That’s because of the homeopathic methods that are used within this field. The body is triggered to begin working on its own and that means the results are based on each guy’s natural chemistry.

Huge Erections Can Occur By Taking a Pill

Reality: This really depends on a personal definition of “huge.” What these products will provide a guy with is a stronger erection, one that looks bigger potentially, and the ability to have more overall stamina during sex. Prematurity issues can be resolved, more pleasure can be had, and ultimately guys are better with their partners when taking these products.

Some might say that this is all in a guy’s head. You’ll regularly hear that male enhancement products don’t work and that there is no science behind it. The science, however, dates back to Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, so the choice is up to you. Even if it is all in a guy’s head, aren’t definite results worth an investment?

The Results You Achieve Need Constant Support

Reality: There are some products that require guys to continually take them for the rest of their lives. You could do that, sure, or you could take a product that corrects the issue you have at hand.

male-enhancementMale enhancement might seem like a hit or miss science, but even the medical field has guys sign disclaimers that medicine isn’t an exact science when they go in for a procedure.

The best way to find success with your unique issue is to not give up. There is a product that is tailored to your body chemistry! Find it and you’ll find the man nature intended you to be. Search online to read more on male enhancement methods and products before you try something.

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