Cum More With These Helpful Tips

Far too often, guys settle for being a “one and done” wonder. Many guys don’t even believe that they can have multiple orgasms like women do, but that’s simply not true. With a little work and a little patience, you can cum more, have better orgasms, and even have them more frequently. Best of all, you don’t even need to be a tantric sex expert to make this a reality!

Take Advantage of the “Mini Orgasm”

multi-mini-orgasmsFor guys who struggle with shooting off their load and then needing a long recovery period, the place to start is with the “mini orgasm.” Even though it isn’t an authentic orgasm because you’re not actually ejaculating, what you’re learning to do is stay in control.

When you feel like you’re about to explode, slow down the thrusting for a moment and tighten your Kegel muscles. This will give you some leverage against exploding prematurely.

From there, slowly let the excitement build up once again. This will allow you to experience periods of intense pleasure while staying in control of the final ejaculation.

If you end up cumming early, don’t worry about it.
You’ve just given yourself an excuse to try this again with your partner!

Focus More on the Small Sensations

Guys tend to be pretty methodical when it comes to sex. It’s the biggest complaint that a partner has about a guy! There’s literally no variety in what a guy tends to do in their approach to sex. You see, most guys:

  • masturbate the same way every day
  • start foreplay the same way, even with different partners
  • have the same moves during intercourse

In other words, the average guy has a pretty solid routine when it comes to sex. Much of the focus on a guy’s sexuality is based on speed and force. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s the animal instinct! You’ve got to finish the mating before another male tries to claim your prize, after all. To cum more, it is important to begin experiencing the small pleasures that occur with soft sensation.

A good place to start is to change the way you masturbate. Instead of trying to start a forest fire, be slow and gentle. Focus on where the pleasure centers happen to be. Intersperse light touches with more solid and swift strokes. The more you can recognize what you consider to be erotic and how your body responds to that stimuli, the faster your recovery times will be.

Focus On Your Partner More Than Yourself & Cum More


The final step in being able to cum more is to shift the focus away from having another orgasm.

Seems odd, of course, but the more attention you put onto the need for more pleasure, the less it tends to make its presence known. Take a few deep breaths, focus on giving pleasure to your partner in some way, and you’ll notice that a recovery is soon imminent.

Remain calm, be patient, and you’ll get there.
To cum more may require some practice, but it’s the best kind of practice!

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