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3 Essential Penis Stretching Methods You Need To Know

Penis stretching is one of the essential components for guys to have good health. Even if your goal isn’t to have a bigger dick, stretching it out for awhile every day can encourage more blood flow. This encourages better cell growth and development, which can result in better, longer sex!

If you are looking to increase the size of your dick, however, these three methods are the most reliable there are right now:

  • Jelqing
  • Penis Extender

Let’s take a more in-depth look at these three methods.

PHALLOSANPHALLOSAN Is a Patented Method of Penis Stretching

What makes PHALLOSAN® different is the fact that it is designed much like an orthopedic belt. It encompasses the entire penis and encourages it to stretch out through the use of a vacuum environment, much like a penis pump encourages growth. When used correctly, this method of penis stretching is completely pain-free! It’s also registered as a Class 1 medical device in Europe.

Unlike other stretching devices, PHALLOSAN® is infinitely adjustable. The belt itself can be adjusted based on increases in length you see or if you happen to gain or lose some weight during the process. You can also wear this device at night instead of during the day if you prefer because it has the ability to adapt to an erection if you happen to become aroused at night.

jelqing-stretch-exerciseJelqing Provides a More Hands-On Approach

The key to a successful stretching session is to put light pressure on the dick and then continually stroke it to encourage the cells of the corpora cavernosa to divide. When done properly, this method of getting a larger dick is extremely reliable.

The problem, however, is that guys tend to be a little too rough with themselves and they actually end up going to the emergency room because of it.

If you stretch your dick out to far, think about what’s going to happen. You’ll break your dick. Seriously.

Don’t do that!

Light, gentle, and consistent pressure is all you need for success. Save the roughness for foreplay later!


Penis Stretching Provides Great Results Comfortably

For a more traditional approach to stretching out a penis, a penis extender provides a comfortable experience that can be worn throughout the day. Padded tension rods are in place, allowing you to have your dick stretched consistently and comfortably. Multiple positions are available based on your needs and the tension rods can be easily adjusted to provide a little more or a little less based on your daily comfort level.

Best of all, these three methods of penis stretching provide a permanent result – something most products don’t even bother to claim, much less lie about. If you’re looking for a bigger dick, then try your preferred method of these three today!

Homeopathic Male Enhancement: A Reality Today?

For lots of guys, when the equipment stops working right or it needs to be bigger for some reason, the first step taken to correct the problem is a visit to the doctor. Once there, the typical experience involves something like you don’t need male enhancement because you’re big enough, these products don’t work anyway, and here’s my script for that little blue pill.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take a prescription that will give you longer, stronger erections and more stamina when it comes to sex! For some guys, however, a different method of male enhancement is needed because of allergies, medication sensitivities, or cost.

These guys are asking one question: is there a homeopathic method of treating their condition available today?

What Does “Homeopathic” Really Mean?

Homeopathy is the science of triggering the body to create a biological process with highly diluted substances.

adviceAlthough many people look at homeopathic remedies as a “take your vitamins and call me in the morning” type of thing that Hulk Hogan might prescribe, adding vitamins and minerals to the body is just one small part of the homeopathic process.

When you get sick with a cold, what do you do? You can’t take an antibiotic because the cold is viral. Anti-viral medications exist, but they are rarely prescribed for a cold.

Many people just wait the cold out and let their bodies heal naturally. They might take other medicines to control difficult symptoms during the process, but ultimately it is the body that heals itself.

That’s the goal of homeopathy. For guys, this means that their very bodies are already setup to create better, stronger, harder erections that will please themselves and their partners better than ever before! How can you make sure to trigger the right body response?

The Underlying Symptoms Must Be Treated

For many guys, there is a bit of a blood flow problem that occurs when a stiff wind begins to blow. This lack of good blood flow is what causes that stiff wind to become more of a gentle breeze! For other guys, it’s a libido problem. Maybe it’s a desire problem. Could it be a premature ejaculation problem? Don’t be embarrassed by the symptoms – treat the symptoms!

If it is larger equipment that you want, then guys – no pill is going to give you that. There is a wide variety of pumps, stretchers, and exercises that you could work on to become larger physically in an all-natural way as well, but that’s not what male enhancement is about.

It is about helping you achieve your full potential!

Are you tired of having sex that is unsatisfying? Does it bother you that you can’t perform the way you used to perform? Is today the day to make a change? Male enhancement is a reality today and it can be accomplished in a homeopathic way. Take stock of your problem, treat it effectively, and enjoy the better sex!

The Benefits of Penis Stretching

Stretching the penis might seem like a normal thing to do every now and then, but did you know that regular stretching can bring with it some tremendous benefits? It could be an essential part of having a healthy body! Let’s take a look!

Penis Stretching Can Create a Longer Dick

Now before you get your hopes up, guys, the little bit of stretching that you’re doing every day isn’t going to increase this size of your dick. We’re talking about some prolonged stretching utilizing some form of an extender. Wearing a device that helps to consistently stretch out your dick over time can help you realize a good couple inches of growth in some cases. Most guys see at least a full inch of additional length, both flaccidly and with a full erection.

Be careful: stretching your dick out too far can create weaker erections that are difficult to resolve. Don’t get greedy! Over-extending your stretching sessions could also cause some discomfort. Make sure the equipment fits you well, provides a comfortable surface, and doesn’t bite into your skin. If you’re not comfortable, don’t do it!

Curved Dick? Let’s Make It Straight!

curvatureSome guys don’t have a dick that’s straight when fully erect. A number of factors can contribute to this curving effect, but they all have one thing in common: unless you do something about it, the curvature is going to stay there permanently. It might even get worse! Thankfully penis stretching can help guys out here.

Over time, by stretching out your dick, you’re actually helping your body adapt to the plaque tissues and possible scar tissues that are causing the curvature. This will straighten out your dick in as little as 6 weeks! Maybe best of all, for guys suffering from something like Peyronie’s Disease, the stretching will help to relieve pain that is associated with the curvature.

You’ll Also Get Better Erections!

As long as you haven’t overdone it, penis stretching will actually create a better erection too! The stretching helps the blood flow through your dick in a more efficient way, giving you added strength, hardness, and longevity to each erection that you have. Some guys even report that their recovery times are greatly reduced thanks to their stretching efforts!

better-erectionIt’s not just about creating a straight dick or a bigger dick or even having the best erections of your life.

Great sex is awesome, but having great health is even more important.

Penis stretching encourages the cells of the Corpora Cavernosa to divide more readily, allowing your body to better adapt to the changing conditions your dick faces every day.

Stretching out your penis is no joke.

There are some serious benefits to regularly practicing this every day! If you’re ready to begin maximizing your size and performance, then it is time to start adding penis stretching to your daily routine. When you do, you’ll most certainly create the conditions for more pleasure for yourself…
…and for your partner!